Paul Reed Smith Dragon

Some guitars are considered to be "art", and actually, there are guitars which can be found in museums. In this case it's not about playability, but it's all about craftmanship and design, guitars built by masterbuilders with the skills of an artist / designer.
One of those guitars to be considered "art" is the PRS Dragon with it's design and inlay of the fretboard.

PRS, founded in 1985 by Paul Reed Smith, has the PRS Dragon exposed in the Smithsonian, the National Museum of American History. Also the PRS Dragon is supposed to be in the collection of the MOMA, the Museum Of modern Art New York, but I can't find any information about that on the MONA website. The guitars were donated by PRS, and it gave a boost to the collectability of the PRS Dragon. From here, the success of PRS Guitars started.

The PRS Dragon is handbuilt, in the early years of PRS Guitars, and is considered to be far more superior than the guitars built in the PRS factory, which was established in 1995.

PRS Dragon, Series, building years and limited numbers

Like most collectible guitars from a Custom Shop or (PRS) Private Stock, the limitation of numbers built is essential. The PRS Dragon is no exception. The PRS Dragon is not as rare as "single pieces", but still rare and expensive enough to be collectible. Most PRS Dragon's will be in private collections.

The PRS Dragon Series II was built in 1993, limited to 100 Dragon's.
Obvious, the fretboard "dragon" inlay is the main feature of the PRS Dragon series II. The work is done by hand, which takes a lot more time than the modern method, using computer controlled cutting machines and duplicating devices to automate the series production. The fretboard inlay of the PRS Dragon series II is crafted by hand, so every fretboard of the Dragon in each serie is kind of unique.

The dragon, crafted in the fretboard of the PRS Dragon II, is my favourite dragon inlay within the PRS Dragon Series. I especially grave the shiny abalone wings of the dragon. This dragon is made of 218 pieces of gold, coral, abalone, malachite, onyx and mother of pearl.

The PRS Dragon is in every way a very desirable and collectable guitar. Apart from the dragon neck inlay, the rest of the guitar is first class too. The top of the PRS Dragon is made of "bookmatched" superior wood, and as every PRS, lots of attention goes to the finish and details.

How does it sound in real? Amazing, apart of the style this is the best sounding guitar we ever had in our shop. There is someting with this guitar that I could not describe ...

This one if from my private collection.

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Paul Reed Smith Dragon