Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Blackie Tribute Stratocaster Relic Limited Edition electric guitar!

This guitar hardly needs an instruction. Eric Clapton’s original Blackie Stratocaster is well known among guitar aficionados as one of the world’s most iconic musical instruments. It is also well known for selling at auction for over $950,000! Raising money for Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Rehabilitation Centre in Anitgua. This guitar is just in on consignment and has been collector owned and cared for. No issues, repairs, etc… Comes with the original Flight Case which is a replica of the actual “Duck Bros” case that the real Blackie came with as well as some accessories and collateral that is pictured (certificate of authenticity).

In the late '60s, Eric Clapton personally combined the best elements of three vintage Stratocaster guitars to create the original Blackie, which now bears the battle scars of decades of touring, jamming, recording and songwriting. In 2004, Eric generously offered Blackie for auction to benefit the Crossroads Centre, Antigua. On June 24, what was already the most famous guitar in the world also became the most valuable. The winning bid was $959,000! Blackie then traveled to the Fender Custom Shop in Corona, CA USA, where it was carefully analyzed and meticulously measured to capture every essence of its unique character.

This legendary instrument has now been painstakingly re-created by the Fender Custom Shop- Right down to the last authentic detail. From the worn-to-the-wood body, to the neck re-shaped by Eric's hand as he played a thousand heartfelt solos. From the unmistakable cigarette burns on the headstock, to the world-weary flight case – every historical detail is faithfully re-created. All the parts, pickups and electronics are aged and matched to the original, unique specifications of Blackie.

This is one of only 185 guitars originally produced. Masterbuilt by Todd Krause.

Features of the Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Blackie Tribute Strat Relic

Lightweight Alder body
1 piece Maple neck with soft V profile
Cigarette-burned head stock
5-way pick-up selector
Replica-aged "Anvil" flight case
Five vintage chrome tuning keys, and one worn gold-plated key for top E-string
Accurately aged, worn-to-the-wood finish painstakingly replicating the original
Hand-made in America by Master Builder Todd Krause at the Fender Custom Shop
Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity

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Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Blackie Tribute Stratocaster Relic Limited Edition electric guitar!