Fender '66 Stratocaster 98% original near mint condition

This is a rarely seen Fender 1966 Stratocaster in near mint condition. The previous owner recieved this guitar as a present from his father in 1966. At that time he was playing in a well known musicband. In the begining of the seventies he stopped playing this guitar and it stayed for years in the closet. Being retired he decided to sell the guitar. The guitar comes with a period correct guitar case but it's not original. The former importer of Fender Gibson decided to sell these guitars with another case due the high cost to import an original Fender case at that time.

Everyting is original execpt the 5way switch replaced, the frets are original and in very good shape (80%)

So this is your chance to get a real Vintage guitar in an amazingly good shape.

1966 brought a number of changes to the Fender Stratocaster, as the company was now under CBS control. CBS/Fender was trying to streamline production and made some changes to make guitars faster. The biggest change is the size of the peghead, which is now much larger than the pre December 1965 "small peghead" shape. Also the neck plate now a "F-series" serial number format (a large script "F" stamped into the metal neck plate).

Serial numbers on the "f" plate range from 100000 to 110000 for late 1965 and 110000 to 200000 for 1966 (on the neck plate).

1966 Fender Stratocaster specs:

Peghead Fender decal has 5 patent numbers (2,573,254 & 2,960,900 & 2,741,146 & 3,143,028 & 2,817,261).
Cloth wires often yellow instead of white, and sometimes dark blue instead of black.
"Worm route" in treble pickup cavity often not as shallow and more flat in shape than seen in 1965 and earlier Strats.
Neck date number code for Stratocaster changes from "2" to "13". For example, Instead of "2MAY65B" as used in 1965, the neck date would be "13MAY66B" (the number before the month is *not* the day but is the code for "Stratocaster neck" used by Fender).

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Fender '66 Stratocaster 98% original near mint condition