Lowden O50 with african blackwood masterpiece

This very special 50 series guitar is made with very special Mastergrade woods, by the very special long experienced craftsman in the Lowden factory. George Lowden himself is involved in the making of every 50 series guitar. It features Mastergrade African Blackwood, Mastergrade Adirondack red spruce, 5 piece mahogany - rosewood neck, bound ebony fingerboard, tropical rosewood bridge, Gotoh Tuners.

Rare chance on New Lowden O-50 African blackwood and Adirondack spec'd with the most special and popular choice of tonewoods available from Lowden. With case and warranty/COA.
Back & Sides AAAAA African Blackwood
Top wood (A) AAAAA Adirondack Spruce
Bridge (A) Rosewood
Fingerboard Ebony
Neck 5 piece Mahogany
Nut Width 45mm  (1 3/4')
Scale Length 650mm (25.5")
String Spacing 57mm (2 3/16")
Neck Shape C shape
Finish Nitro-cellulose Lowden style
Tuners Gotoh 510 with Ebony knobs
Width at Lower Bout 425mm
Depth at Endblock 123mm
Model (A) O-50
Remarks Custom: African Blackwood-Adirondack
Status New

George says African Blackwood is about the best tonewood he has in stock, and others say it sounds like Brazilian rosewood. For sure this African blackwood is a premier choice for demanding fingerstyle players. Based on this one example, African Blackwood sounds a whole lot like Brazilian rosewood, it is a relatively heavy wood, and it shows great depth, defininition and complexity, with sympathetic overtones and superb dynamics, maybe a bit darker and rounder overal. A character more typical for Kevin Ryan guitars than Lowden who are known for being sort of piano-like-open and fresh from the start. A good deal of the tone is defined by the top, and once Adirondack starts to open up -and it's known to take a while- this guitar will possibly become a guitar that reminds more of a Kevin Ryan guitar than any Lowden ever did before.

Prix: € 7.700,-

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Lowden O50 with african blackwood masterpiece