Knaggs Keya Tier 2

The Keya is Joe Knaggs new double cut design, it is similar to a Les Paul Double Cut but with the unique Knaggs shaping differences. This Tier 2 Keya has an exceptional figured maple top, morning star inlays and Nickel hardware, it is the 62th guitar made by Joe Knaggs.
About Joe Knaggs
Joe Knaggs is not a new name to the guitar market, he worked for PRS Guitars for 25 years  as a designer, director of R&D and Private Stock. In 2009 he branched out to form his own company with his own unique designs, they are all hand-made in Maryland USA.

Knaggs Guitars was founded in 2009 by World renowned designer and luthier Joe Knaggs and Branding/Marketing expert Peter Wolf, two well respected industry veterans with a vast history and experience in their respective fields.

All designs/creations are named after American Indian river names. Chesapeake line models Choptank, Severn, Potomac & Patuxent are named after tributaries to the Chesapeake Bay while the Influence line Kenai, Keya, Chena, Sheyenne are named after rivers in North America.
Wood & Materials are carefully selected and processes are state-of the art. A skilled team of experienced senior guitar builders are making sure the end result is as good as it can possibly be: creating the finest instruments and providing the best tools for players and guitar aficionados.
Everyone at Knaggs guitars is a highly skilled professional – together we have over 150 years of experience in creating extraordinary instruments.

Prix: € 2.900,-

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Knaggs Keya Tier 2