1951 Fender Cunetto Nocaster

Fender Cunetto Nocaster Custom Shop Relic from 1998. A rare and sought after all original condition Nocaster, weighing in at 3.4kg. a beautiful Custom Shop Relic by Cunetto. Except for the relic wear by Vince Cunetto there is no wear and fret-wear. COA was missing and after a long negiotiation we obtain a new one from Fender.

This beautiful Nocaster reissue guitar in Butterscotch finish over a beatifully grained Ash body, represents one of the most important era's in Fender's long history. The start of the custom shop "relic" era, likely the most important positive boost Fender got in the post 70s era. From 1995 until 1999 Vince Cunetto was responsible for the relic work.
This guitar is among the first & most sought after mid 90's Custom Shop Relics, hand aged by Vince Cunetto. Mr. Cunetto is pretty much single handedly responsible for all the craze with "Aging", "Relic", and "Distressing"; basically making a new or newer guitar look and feel like a prized (and astronomically expensive) vintage guitar. Beginning in 1995, the very first Custom Shop Relic models were hand-aged by Cunetto at his private shop, before Fender started in-house aging in summer of 1999. That makes this an extremely early model with a low serial number to match. (read more about "Cunetto aging" below).

This particular example was put together with some of the finest parts available, and exceeds the standards of even the most exclusive Custom Shop or Masterbuilt models. The thin nitro "Nocaster Blonde" finish has one of the most authentic aging jobs I've seen; Painstaking detail and 17 years of legitimate "life" come together in a way that truly emulates the experience of playing one of the first solid-body guitars ever built!! The neck is also top shelf private stock grade, carved from beautiful flamed maple and coated with a buttery amber-tint nitro (also perfectly aged). You will also notice that the "Custom Shop" logo is engraved rather than a decal; instantly recognizable as a "Cunetto".
Here is your chance to own a extremely exclusive & realistic 50's Relic that has major historical significance in it's own right...

* This guitar truly looks, fells & plays like an original 1951 Nocaster with just the right amout of wear.
  Simply put the aged parts and relic work done by Mr. Cunetto are frighteningly accurate. Look at the pick guard and knobs etc.. amazing.

* The pickups truly have that magical 1950's tone & mojo that shaped Rock n' Roll as we know it! This is the quintessential vintage tone that Fender enthusiasts crave!

* Collector-Grade condition... Everything is 100% original, with no technical or structrural modifications, or repairs.

* Includes  tweed thermometer case, Certificate of Authenticity, cord & strap.

Prix: € 4.600,-

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1951 Fender Cunetto Nocaster