Gibson 1959 Les Paul TV model


This is Rich Robinson's original 1959 Gibson Les Paul TV Model, sometimes mistaken for a Les Paul Junior. TV Yellow finishes were extremely rarer than the more common cherry and sunburst P90 Les Pauls made in the 1950's and was only available on the single P90 Junior between 1958 and 1960.

Until a few years ago this guitar has been one of Rich Robinson's main gigging and recording guitars and for a good reason - it sounds incredible! It was used when The Black Crowes toured with Jimmy Page in the 90's and there is plenty of footage out there with Rich and Jimmy stood side by side with this guitar.

The guitar has a few small issues, but remember this is a working touring instrument not a collectors piece to be placed in a glass cabinet. The pickup cavity has been slightly widened to house a different pickup at some point and the guitar has been fitted with Grover tuners although the originals are now back on.

The guitar has its original TV Yellow finish, original pickup, pick guard, bridge, pots, early 60's control knobs, the Les Paul silk screen TV Model logo is intact and what is interesting is that the original control back plate has the name 'K RICHARDS' scratched into the back! Interesting but not a selling point.